Colony Art presented the exhibition UN-FINISHED – artists Maia Oprea and Matei Enric.
Thoughts, feelings, filtered, husked and conceptualised moods are linked together in the compositions of Maia Oprea and Matei Enric. All this introspective journey is translated into unconventional means, on experimental media. “Un-finished” defines a phase, a transition from the studio of study to the one of stage
Resuscitating a type of dubufettian discourse in which childhood is discussed, Maia Stefana Oprea amalgamates images and words in a Dadaist context. Childhood gestures are removed from the ossuary of memory and transposed in reality as a ritual act. The word zăerc – a game of letters and a playful way to punctuate the thought – is removed from the initial frame and restored into actuality, purified and inserted into the short film “Stacking”. Fragments of reality are collected by Maia and transgressed in an area of the imaginary, so that the image becomes an epiphany, synesthesia, syncretic core, substance. The young artist transforms what she sees in a phenomenological casuistry of the image that comes to life in Post-extracted and Kinetolithographies.
Matei Enric is issued from the temptation of study through spontaneous pictural gesture and viscerals self-portraits. His works seem to be pure visual incantations overlapping over fragments of fanzines or images from the Punk Art area. It’s not subordinated to low-art, but he explores as a visual area for experiment, to be relieved by the condensed substance of the well balanced composition, of careful study, of the synthesis. Study is his way as an artist, his creative quintessence, but which , if in one moment will be dismissed from the function, will return, after will leaves enough space for the interval, for the experiment.

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