2015 – personal exhibition – UNBOUNDEDNESS – Signum Gallery

“In somewhat greater perspective of time
You are practically non-existent
So reach through the angry crimson of this dawn
To my eternal star field domain”
Interface To God – Thorns
Every new territory that we happened to visit, even hypothetically, reflects itself as in a mirror in our souls, and it’s helping us expand our boundaries. Let’s try for one moment to imagine that we’re not eternally anchored in this world, that we can travel through the Universe until time and space cease to exist. Let’s try for one moment to imagine that we successfully leave the eternal wrangle of this world, that we free ourselves from the barriers of our own nature, from the spiral of existence, this carousel of joy and sorrow. As we look out into the clear night sky that embraces us, we will see all Universe as an Abyss. A bottomless pit above our heads. Acknowledging it, it will be reflected in us.
My exhibition is an exhibition of landscapes. A voyage of thousands light years to other worlds that take shape in my mind. Pictures taken by the space probes and the Hubble telescope become the motifs of my abstract paintings. A Universe where monumental forces contract and dilute space and time. We are passing beyond the ordinary and the known, leaving behind the conventions that help us survive, in a place where there is no suffering, no joy, neither life,nor death, neither zero,nor infinite. And if we look back we will be turned into a pillar of salt as was Lot’s wife. It will be revealed to us how small we are in this huge context and how small all our things are. And where are we? Where is this bundle of mud called Earth? What is the importance of our passions, all those things in which we invest so much energy and around which our entire existence revolves? What is the importance of our whole history, seen from a distance of 70 million light years away? Vanity of vanities, all is vanity! (Ecl 12:8)
With this voyage through the Abyss I hope we will look with more detachment at the world, gaining a clearer perspective of our place in the Universe and of our own existence.
Signum  Art Gallery, supported by the Bucharest University of Economic Studie
Opening : Thursday, 1 October, 18.00.
Duration of the exhibition : 1 – 30 October
Address:  13-15 Calea Dorobanţilor street, Bucharest, Romania

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