personal exhibition - REBUILDIN THE FRAGMENT- Occidentului Gallery

Matei Enric, born in 1978 – Bucharest, will bring to Bucharest Art Week his personal exhibit “Refacerea fragmentului (Rebuilding the fragment)”together with the exhibition of contemporary jewelry design, signed by Alexander Burlacu, at the expositional space of Occidentului Gallery.
Matei has had so far exhibitions both at the “ART SAFARI” Pavilion and the Romanian Embassy in Washington, then in Cleveland Park, WA., USA, in the Cultural Centre Valery-Larbaud, Vichy, France, and simultaneously in our capital.
His works carry a strong personal and spiritual touch, the spears from his speech represent the price to pay for giving up the fight, for the illusion of hope, loneliness and for losing faith, for the eternity of the human character as well as for the interpersonal breaches that justify the breach in the history of human nature related to the principles of life.

The phrase “Rebuilding the fragment” defines in the best way my artistic approaches. My works rebuild the image like in a puzzle game, and so the fragment is rebuilt. It's a game. Like the restoration of frescoes, an image recovery or the reconstruction of a visual assembly, the viewer is invited to fill up the empty spaces, in his mind, with imagination.

On the other hand, the formula “Rebuilding the fragment” has a personal approach. It is about hope. About restoring the bond with yourself, with your universe, and in this way about regaining trust. Your world may be shattered, but always you can pick up the pieces together and rebuilt the assembly. Finally “Rebuilding the fragment” defines a spiritual rebirth, an inner regeneration.

You are invited to attend at the opening Friday , 2 October at 18.00. 
Occidentului Gallery - Occidentului Street, nr. 11, at semi-basement.

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