Subjective Histories

Opening a door towards the viewer, each of the three artists proposes an initiatory journey to the intimacy of their own history, which becomes memory, lived moment and reverberated instant. Through the use of colors and shape we stand in front of a sincere artistic speech, that urges us to meditation and consonant feeling.

Matei Enric builds up a symbiosis between space and material elements, compositionally integrating the gap of the wall, into a dialogue with characters drawn from a timeless history. Under the guise of simple and direct words, lies a mysterious world waiting to be discovered, where  truth is not singular, hence it is free to be at the same time common to all of us, as well as adapted to each of us . The figurative with an archaic touch has fresh and pristine meanings. The colors are placed with subtlety and what at first sight seems a harmonious staging, becomes, as the viewer enters the artistic universe of Matei Enric, a ride that charms and captivates.

Jan Albu uses history as an artistic motif. Ancient mythological subjects turn into perspectives, ample planes, visions of destiny and true confessions that trouble us deeply. The symbolism of the Apocalypse becomes the key by which the artist reveals himself. In these powerful images of the end of the world, we find the eternal questions: Who are we? Where do we come from ? Where are we going ? The artist does not give us answers but an invitation to seek them together, accompanying us in this endeavor. Because, if we look carefully, we find him as witness in some compositions.

The works of Maia Ștefana Oprea belong to the same key/register of intimate telling. Emotions, become recollections the artist wants to share with us, so we can experience eternity of the moment together . Maia Oprea plays with composition and shapes. The surface becomes fluid, the colors create an emotional whirlwind and the few sculptures presented in the exhibition, show that an artist does not limit herself to a sole mode of artistic expression, but always looking for the most suitable ways to materialize the creative thought .

Mihaela Munteanu - Streck

The exhibition opens Thursday, December 12th  at  7 PM,  Galeria 72 A, 72 A on Dr. Felix Street

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