BURNING OF ALL ::: the exhibition hall "Constantin Brancusi" - House of Parliament

Matei Enric (born in 1978) lives and works in Bucharest. Recent exhibitions in which he has participated include: the solo exhibition "Solve et Cogula" Alchemia Gallery (curator Madalina MIRE), exhibition "Agape" (curator Francois Launay), the exhibition "Identity" at the French Institute in Bucharest (curator Armelle de Saint Dezauzie), the fifth edition of the EU Open House - Romanian Embassy in Washington and Cleveland Park Library (U.S.) in 2011, and the exhibition "a Symphony of Symbolism" at Agora Gallery (New York, USA) in 2008. In 2008 a personal exhibition "Gothic" took place at the gallery Pillows (curator Cosmin Nasui).

Based on a formula established in the Old Testament, which defines the sacrificial burning of all, Matei Enric intimately probes the depths of this ritual of purification. Interpreting in a broader sense, standing in the state of contemporary man. Plastic discourse reveals the trauma for each of us. Contemporary man, lost in a maze of history, under pressure while running against it, trying to protect and profit in a fight he knows he has already lost. In this vision, the artist depicts man consumed by his own will to live. This passion becomes his own pyre, total burning, a way of being that has entered into his being, destiny and destination. The nature of his being, man can not resist or dodge in any way.
The works are like a confession. Testimony about the artist himself, and his passion for art, which transforms the moment of creation, the burning of all.

We invite you to attend the exhibition which will be held on Thursday, July 18, at 17:30 at the exhibition hall "Constantin Brancusi" - House of Parliament. The exhibition can be visited from 15 July to 2 August.

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