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"Solve et coagulate is a spiritual approach, it is opening a vault to spiritual guideline that has to be related to destiny,destination, spiritual uprising and research to identify the sense of becoming.It engages the contemporary man in to his humble existance, fighting into a battle that is already lost, with time's that flowing inexorably, obliged to fulfill his short destiny, a one-way road, that leads to death and oblivion, passing through the burning of all ..."

Exhibition curator,

Madalina Mirea

You are invited to participate to an opening exhibiton,Thursday, June 13-th 2013, to Alchemia Gallery (Calea Mosilor, nr. 95, nearby the Armenian Church, behind the Bucharest Stock Exchange, in Bucharest) at 19.00 p.m.

Solve et coagula exhibition is opened to public from June 13-19-th.

you can view the exhibition catalog here:

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