THE STORY ::: Casa Arte

Casa Arte announces the launch of cultural project “THE STORY” with the participation of artists Anca Albani, Jan Albu, Daniel Craciun and Matei Enric.

With painting of different stylistics, invited artists tell through art a story that wants to be a secret confession of each one of them. With a personal way, individually or collectively, their confession is gradually rejoined through the interaction with the public.

Casa Arte is an 90 sqm artists run space, near Cismigiu Parc  and Casa Radio, close to many art galleries in very center of Bucharest.

This project is a journey throught art and life and it will grow day by day by it self, with our help. In my dream the artists came together , work together and love and respect eachother. There will be  artists that come, stay or go, but the house will be allways open for creativity and joy. (Corina Raiciu, visual artist)

Casa Arte it is a space created to host constantly an open studio for  public and artists. You are invited to attend to the opening of the exhibition “THE STORY”, Tuesday, 13 December, 18.30.

Casa Arte, Popa Tatu Street, nr.27, 3rd floor, ap, 7, interfon 07c

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